A former Aussie popstar was on The Voice last night - and nobody turned around.


You may have missed it, but last night a former Aussie SUPERSTAR appeared on The Voice.

And nobody turned around.

WTF, right Delta?

Daniela Scala appeared briefly on the show in a montage of unsuccessful entrants.

No novice when it comes to reality TV, Scala came to fame in 2001 after appearing on the second season of Popstars – and subsequently forming the band Scandal’us.

Scandal’us before they split in 2002. Daniela Scala is on the far left.

Since Scandal’us split in 2002 Scala has continued on as a dance and singing teacher in Adelaide.

But the show didn’t go into the singers background as she belted out a somewhat ironic tune, Pleasure and Pain – reflective of Scala’s reality TV success.

Daniela Scala on last nights episode of The Voice.

However, the singer was recognized by a few at home who took to Twitter in confusion, asking The Voice to confirm their suspicions.

But alas, none of the judges recognised her even when the chairs had turned.

And to rub salt into the wound Jessie J’s offered some fairly cringe-worthy advice following the performance.

“I think the best thing for you to do honestly is to keep performing, just keep practicing,” she told Scala.

“Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes better.”

If only the British megastar knew Scala has been in the business for over a decade…

For a trip down memory lane watch the video below of Scandal’us’s famous tune Me, Myself & I.

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