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What's the worst thing someone could say after you say, "I love you"?

Well, that’s awkward…

Remember the nerves full-blown terror you felt when you told someone you loved them for the very first time? Yeah, it’s probably scarier than dealing with Anna Wintour in a bad mood…

But most of the time, most of the time, it goes relatively smoothly. Yes, there might be some initial clumsiness, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get an “I love you” back, and the two of you then get to move on with your blissful, loved-up lives.

Sometimes though, it doesn’t work out. And when that happens, it can be equal parts mortifying and hilarious.

Whisper, a secret-sharing app, recently asked users to share the most humiliating responses they’ve ever received after telling someone “I love you“.

The app works by letting users share their secrets anonymously – often with fascinating/entertaining results.

But brace yourselves – because some of these responses are seriously BRUTAL.

The answers range from funny:

“I would love me too.”

“Cool, so…wanna play Xbox?”

To some of the deepest burns of all time. Take a look (Post continues after gallery):


“That’s a shame…please leave.”

“I love your sister.”

Ouch. Just, ouch.

And here you were thinking that getting no response at all was as bad as it got…

Have you ever received an awkward response after telling someone “I love you”?

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