If you're a fan of Say Yes To The Dress, we have some very exciting news.

Lovers of wedding and reality television rejoice. The Lifestyle Channel’s Say Yes To The Dress is coming to Australia and is set to bare a striking resemblance to its American namesake!

First airing in 2007, the American version of the show takes place within famed New York bridal store Kleinfeld, with each half hour episode focussing on a new set of brides and their journey to find the perfect dress for their big day.

say yes to the dress australia

To veil or not to veil, that is the question. Source: Say Yes to the Dress / TLC.

Think diva behaviour, family and friends with too many opinions, a lot of high expectations, and wildly varying budgets.

There's laughter, there's tears, there's so much reseting bitch face. Add some popcorn and the comfort of your own couch and you've got an incredible night in.

Say Yes to the Dress' Randy organises an amazing surprise for one bride. Post continues after video... 


Scheduled to launch down under in late 2016, it's yet to be announced which bridal store Say Yes to the Dress Australia will use as a back drop, but we're sure it will be iconic nonetheless.

Sydney-based couture wedding gown designer Adam Dixon is set to play host.

say yes to the dress australia

"Whaddya think, guys?" Source: Say Yes to the Dress / TLC.

For those who are currently planning a wedding but still dressless, you're in luck. Say Yes to the Dress Australia is currently looking for participants. You just need to register your interest here.

Stressed out women on diets, unwanted opinions and high price tags - this is set to be truly great.

* Featured image via Say Yes to the Dress / TLC.

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