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Who knew there were secret messages in Saved By The Bell?

Saved By The Bell is so much more progressive than we thought. Sort of.

The latest meme to flood our internet travels is ‘Saved By The Bell Hooks’. That name takes some explaining.

Gloria Jean Watkins, an author who goes by the name of ‘bell hooks’ (the lack of capitals in her pseudonym is a style choice), has taken still images from the 90’s sitcom Saved By The Bell and added some seriously heavy bylines.

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Suddenly, Screech and Kelly look like feminist, progressive socialists. Who’d have thunk it?

bell hooks (again, she REQUESTS that we don’t use capitals with her name) is known for her works that focus on gender and race oppression. We’re not sure at which point she thought that Saved By The Bell would be a great launch-pad for her messages of activism, but somehow, it works.

Have a look at our favourite messages of Bell-based activism.

So deep.