Four genius tricks for spending less that all mums should know.

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While many parents welcome the return of the school year (am I the only parent who’s run out of entertainment ideas already?) for a lot of us, a new year means new stress. Getting the kids back to school can be an expensive and anxious time but there are some ways you can save on going back to school.

Put dates in your diary.

Being organised can really pay off when it comes to the ‘back to school’ spending. Most school uniform shops will have a refresh of second hand uniforms in the later part of term four, with parents cleaning out wardrobes as their children grow or move on to new schools.

Putting a date in your diary for somewhere near the end of the year means that you’ll get your pick of uniforms in great condition, for a fraction of the price. That way you’ll also avoid the back to school rush in term one, preserving your much-needed sanity.

Munching a croissant goes a long way too. Image: Pexels.

Buy in bulk.

Buying in bulk can really help the bottom line, especially if you have multiple children. Consider taking out a membership at a bulk buying warehouse to purchase non-perishable foods for lunch boxes and morning teas in one swoop.

While there may be an initial signup fee, this is usually negated through the savings you’ll make on your shopping. Buying in bulk also avoids late night trips to the supermarket after work when you realise you’re out of lunchbox supplies.


Another clever way to save by buying in bulk is to look for group purchasing hubs in your local area. These are popular for buying fruit and vegetables, with in season produce giving you great savings.

The hubs work by having a certain number of members who elect one person to go to the farmer’s market and purchase bulk produce for all. The food is then divided per family for everyone to share in the savings.

Buying in bulk is also helpful for stationery and school supplies like glue sticks and sticky tape (late night diorama making?) Often buying more means saving more and you’ll always have some available when you need it.

Invest in quality.

When it comes to items that really matter, the saying ‘buy right, buy once' comes to mind. This is especially the case when talking about school shoes because we all know that kids will put their kickers to the test.

While you may see cheaper options for shoes it’s important to consider that you want them to last so investing in leather shoes is important for little feet.

Not only that but they are far more comfortable and allow your children’s feet to breathe - meaning you don’t get hit with a horrible stench when they kick them off at the end of the day.

Leather doesn’t have to mean big dollars though with quality options available for under fifty dollars at Spend-less Shoes. Their upcoming back to school promotion makes things even better for parents with a ‘buy one pair, get a second for half price’ deal.

That means that you can deck your children out in quality footwear, knowing they will go the distance no matter what your kids put them through.


"That means that you can deck your children out in quality footwear." Image: iStock.

Of course for kids, all that matters is the look. Here are our picks for the best 2017 school kicks.

The Tutor is the classic lace up school shoe which will work for formal occasions as well (to save you buying a new pair for the rare family wedding).

The Stick 2 is a fantastic all-rounder, especially for kindy kids. It features velcro closures, making the morning rush just that little bit easier. The Stick 2 is available in both black and white meaning that you could do the school shoe/sports shoe shopping in one swoop. (Buy one, get the next half price, remember)

The School shoe is exactly what it claims to be - a quality, reliable school shoe that will see your little one through the year. Again, it features velcro closures which are far easier for little hands to navigate and has a removable innersole for comfort and fit.

Shop for stationery at home before hitting the shops.

You’d be amazed at how many items you can tick off your child’s ‘back to school’ list without even leaving the house. In fact, I’d bet that almost all of the requirements for pencils, glue sticks and erasers could be found under my couch at any given moment. Take the time to do an inventory of what you already have at home before spending unnecessary money at the shops.

Join buy, swap and sell websites in your area.

By connecting with other people in your area on one of the many buy, swap and sell websites available you could save yourself huge amounts of money. Second hand uniforms, sports gear, musical instruments, bags and more are regularly listed by other parents who no longer have a need for them. If you’re lucky, some items are even in brand new condition meaning you could score some huge bargains.

How do you save during back to school shopping season?

This post was written thanks to our brand partner Spend-less Shoes.

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