Feeling a bit broke? Here are 5 easy ways to get some of that Christmas cash back.

Blown the budget this Christmas? Between all the gifts, the food, the social events, it can be hard to stay within the lines.

But don’t worry, there a several easy little ways you can claw back some of those hard-earned, easily spent festive funds, and start the New Year on the front foot.

Here are just a few….

1. Make the most of technology to help you save.

The easiest way to save money these days: don’t. Let technology do it for you. Take Digit, for example. It’s an app that links to your online bank account, routinely examines your earning/spending habits and automatically determines how much you can reasonably save – it then transfers it across for you.

If you prefer to be a little more hands-on, check out TipYourself. Also linked to your spending/savings accounts, it’s the financial equivalent of a pat on the back. Hit a target at work? Tip yourself a few bucks. Restrained yourself from buying that expensive dress? Tip yourself $10. Self-congratulatory savings!

2. Hunt for discount codes.

You might not be subscribed to a shopping site, but that doesn’t mean you can’t access its discounts. Head to sites like or for promo codes for anything from Dan Murphy’s to ASOS. Otherwise, just hit up good ol’ fashioned Google with “discount code” and the name of your online store of choice.

3. Sell the things you don’t need or use.

That dress you only wore once and kind of hate? That old TV unit you’ve had stashed in the garage? You might not want them anymore, but someone out there in the interwebs might be able to give them a loving home. Ebay, Gumtree and Facebook Buy/Swap/Sell groups. There are plenty of ways to find yourself a buyer that involve little-to-no financial outlay and minimal effort.

4. Spread your skills.

If you can spare an arvo here and there, why not earn some cash running errands for someone in your local area? Or perhaps you could put your allen-key prowess to good use and assemble someone’s IKEA furniture? You can sell services like these – plus almost anything else – on sites like AirTasker and Gumtree.

5. Share your space.

You might not have time to spare, but perhaps you’ve got a garage or parking space that will be vacant while you’re on holidays. Any house hunter in the major cities will know what a hot commodity they can be.

Lease yours via a site like Parkhound or Find A Car Park and you could be raking in bonus coin while you travel.

Employ these tactics now and you’ll go a fair way to recouping your Christmas cash. And who knows, you may even get a nice little head-start on the next silly season.