Who is Savannah Phillips, the 7-year-old royal who stole the show with Prince George?

She was the silly seven-year-old bringing light and personality to a royal family celebrating at Trooping the Colour.

While the balcony of Buckingham Palace is normally reserved for the more refined public appearances from the royals, seven-year-old Savannah Phillips stole the show and the limelight thanks to the pure joy at all that was happening around her.

She played with Prince George, seemed thrilled by a performance from the air force and grinned through the entire spectacle.

So who exactly is she?

Savannah Phillips is the daughter of Peter Phillips, the granddaughter of Princess Anne and the great granddaughter of the Queen.

Image: Getty.

Savannah's mother is Canadian-born Autumn Kelly, who met Peter Phillips in Montreal in 2003. They married in 2008, had Savannah in 2010 and their second child Isla in 2012. Seven-year-old Savannah is currently 15th in line to the throne.

When Princess Anne gave birth to children Peter and Zara, there was a reason the two were not given royal titles, marking "the first [children] to be born to a princess without a title here for at least 500 years," reported the Washington Post.

Royal Central reports in 1917, King George V created a patent that only "children of the monarch male-line grandchildren and the son of the son of the Prince Of Wales automatically carry the title Prince or Princess and the style ‘HRH.'"

As Princess Anne was the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth, her children were not automatically given a title. However, when Princess Anne's first child, Peter, came into the world, Queen Elizabeth did extend an offer for her children to have royal titles, but Princess Anne declined.

And that's why Savannah Phillips has no title, much like her parents.