Anti-abortion protest signs that are actually funny.

Every week in the US town of Raleigh, pro-life activists gather outside an abortion clinic. 

And every week, they’re joined by Grayson and Tina Curri.

Just like the pro-life activists, Grayson and Tina Curri carry signs. But unlike the pro-life activists whose signs work to spread an anti-abortion message with slogans like “babies are murdered here,” Grayson and Tina’s signs aim to “point out the absurdity”.

Check it out:

Grayson and Tina call themselves a “pro-choice husband/wife team from Raleigh, N.C” and they’ve recently created a Tumbr called ‘Saturday Chores’ to showcase their signs.

Grayson told the DailyDot:

“While it’s true that we’re mocking people, we consider the chief value of what we’re doing the solidarity that we demonstrate for the individuals or families that need to use the clinic’s services for whatever reasons they may have.

“Generally, upon arrival, they only encounter hate. We want to offer a rejoinder, however slight. And we also hope to show passersby on the busy thoroughfare that the far religious right need not be the only ones with a voice; those with progressive views have one, too, and we should use it.”