3 Google hacks that will alleviate boredom and have your kids in hysterics.

For everyone who gets to a certain point in the day and knows they’re no longer going to be productive or useful – this is for you. For everyone who is highly productive in the workplace but enjoys an internet giggle outside of hours – stop showing off and procrastinate like the rest of us this is also for you. If you have kids whose little minds you want to boggle? We’ve got you covered as well.

These Google ‘hacks’ are designed for maximum fun and pleasure-having.

For the sake of everyone else and definitely not because I was procrastinating for an hour, I personally sampled each hack and took a screenshot of the result. My boss is incredibly impressed with my journalistic integrity and commitment to the subject matter of this article.

1. Google hack: Atari Breakout 

Arguably the most entertaining is playing Atari breakout. All you need to do is type Atari breakout into Google, as so…

Click on the first link, and voila! A good 30 minutes of your day has now been wasted.

2. Google Barrel Roll

The next best game is the Google barrel roll. All you need to do to play is type “Do a barrel roll” into Google, press enter and then THIS happens:

OK, this may not technically be described as a game, but if you do it enough times it begins to feel like one. Trust me.

 3. Google Mirror

And finally, although not technically affiliated with Google, Google Mirror is fun in a kooky way. Type in to google and you are presented with this:

From here, you can click on the series of tabs underneath the Google search bar and then you get all the fun games.

Like when you click on “Underwater”, type in your name and see your image sink slowly to the bottom of the screen, like so:

Help, I’m sinking!

Here are a few more fun Google hacks to try out: