"YOU ARE WELCOME!" Sam Frost's boyfriend Sasha comes out swinging against her radio critics.

Sam Frost’s long-term partner Sasha Mielczarek has used her Cosmopolitan Radio Presenter of the Year award to “trump” her critics.

The 32-year-old construction manager has proudly stood by his 27-year-old girlfriend throughout some difficult times, as she’s dealt with incessant trolling and mental health issues in her role on radio.

But today, in the wake of her win, he made his most impassioned statement yet.

In an Instagram post featuring Frost and her trophy, Mielczarek wrote, “This young lady is deadset off chops like a vegetarian! To all the critics out there who didn’t give her the chance she deserved…YOU ARE WELCOME! ‘Trumped’ everyone.”

Fans were equally enthusiastic about her achievement, congratulating her on a well-deserved win.

“You pushed on and past all the bulls**t with dignity and grace,” wrote one fan, while another thanked the radio host for “being that public figure I can admire and relate to in so many ways.”

Frost recently deleted her social media accounts in the wake of relentless rumours about her and Mielczarek’s relationship. After New Idea reported the couple were “spending less time together” and had “unfollowed each other on Instagram” the former Bachelorette wrote a furious Facebook post telling them to “get a f**king life.”


“For the one millionth time, Sash and I have not split. In fact we are stronger than ever,” she wrote.

“Spoilers; Social media isn’t the real world. The media isn’t the real world. What’s real is the time you spend with your partner, the challenges you work through and the unconditional love and support we have for one another.

“We actually prefer to keep social media out of our relationship, because that is what works for us.”

Judging by Thursday’s Instagram post, it looks like Mielczarek remains Frost’s number one fan.

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