The Block just aired its most volatile fight scene of the year.

The Block has released fiery footage of one of their couples coming head-to-head in a dramatic fight.

Julia and Sasha have been a whirlwind to watch from the beginning, with tensions building between the two from the very first episode.

Audiences thought they had probably seen the worst of it when Julia, 31, called her partner of four years a “f*cking mole” during an argument about a mirror.

But, it seems, the reality TV contestant certainly has more where that came from.

In last night’s episode, Julia let loose on her partner after they forgot to order a splashback for the butler’s pantry.

Listen to our resident TV experts talk about all things The Block. (Post continues after audio.)

“Stop telling me what to do,” the 31-year-old yelled at Sasha during the confrontation.

“I’m not telling you what to do, but you’re acting like a child,” Sasha quickly said.

“F*ck off…you’re a c*nt,” Julia said before she stormed down the hall.

Only adding to the problem was the spa treatment session that Julia had organised for the fellow female contestants on The Block.

While the time away was planned for that evening, Julia was forced to stay back from her own event to deal with the splashback.


Julia as she screamed at Sasha during the fight. Image via Channel 9. 

Sasha continued to push for the two to spend the night out and when asked about the fight, she just said her partner was "annoyed".

"She's annoyed because I'm saying, 'Let's just go, and she's sick of me telling her what to do."

In a previous interview about the abuse she regularly throws at Sasha, Julia has admitted the pressure gets to her.

"My bogan came out big time! We’re kinder in real life ..."

"The noise, the weather — it’s constant. It’s really physical. It’s 100 times harder than it looks on television."

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