Sarah Palin to Lena Dunham: "YOU PAEDOPHILE, YOU!". (But the Duggars are cool).

Yep, shit just got real.

It seems former American Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has a problem with the media’s “double standards” and has dragged Girls creator and author Lena Dunham into the mix, brandishing her a PAEDOPHILE (yep, caps-lock and all).

The vitriol unleashed by the former Governor of Alaska and Republican nominee for Vice President on her Facebook page began with this:


Republican Sarah Palin has just dragged Lena Dunham into the Duggar scandal. Image via Facebook.

Palin says the media suggests “Lena Dunham’s sexual assault on her sibling is cute, and she’s rewarded for it with fame and fortune”, but have crucified 27-year-old Josh Duggar – who molested five girls, including his sisters, when he was a teenager.

She included this image in the diatribe, which references a comment Dunham, 29, made about herself in her book Not That Kind of Girl.

In the book, Dunham describes how, at age seven, she “spread open” her one-year-old sister’s vagina to see whether it was “like mine.” When she looked, she “shrieked” and called her mother. Apparently her sister had stuffed “six or seven pebbles” in her vagina.

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The social media-savvy Dunham had not commented on the Duggar scandal, nor responded to Palin’s attack.

See Tina Fey’s portrayal of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live:

Palin insists she is “not defending the Duggar boy’s obvious wrongdoing over a decade ago”.

“The main victim in any story like this isn’t the perpetrator, it’s the innocent ones so harmfully affected. I’m not an apologist for any sexual predator, but I’m sickened that the media gives their chosen ones a pass for any behavior as long as they share their leftwing politics. Case in point, they suggest Lena Dunham’s sexual assault on her sibling is cute, and she’s rewarded for it with fame and fortune. Meanwhile, they crucify another, along with an entire family.

Here’s more of Palin’s Facebook post:

Palin, 51, gives props to her daughter Bristol for calling out the “radical liberals” in the media and says the focus should be on the unethical leak of Duggar’s counselling document and the media’s “hell-bent mission” to go after the entire Duggar family “while giving a total pass to perverted actions of someone like Lena Dunham – or any other leftwinger celeb caught doing awful things”.

We think the focus might be on something else now.

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