Sarah Michelle Gellar shared a photo of her shoe closet. Fury and envy ensued.

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar just posted a photo of her extensive shoe collection on Instagram and it’s dividing her female fans.

The image featured two cupboards gloriously chock a block full of fancy heels and boots and it’s enough to make any Carrie Bradshaw-loving woman a little bit jealous.

Gellar captioned the photo with, “Yet somehow I still have nothing to wear. #girlproblems Need to clean my closet!!”

Yet somehow I still have nothing to wear. #girlproblems Need to clean my closet!!

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Only, for many, this was not a depiction of #girlproblems, but #richgirlproblems; the flashy display irked many who commented if the 41-year-old was so vexed, she could simply donate the shoes to others who aren’t so fortunate.

“This disgusts me,” wrote one woman. “Rich people make me sick to my stomach. I’d be greatful [sic] with one pair that actually fit my small feet…”

With others making similar comments:

#stupidproblems#firstworldproblems #sexistproblems You are a girl = you like shoes, make up, sunshine, lollipops and rainbows… pathetic,” wrote one user, while another commented just with “#outoftouch.”


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However, other users took this as an opportunity to help the ex-Buffy actress ‘edit’ down her collection.

“Gurllllll. I thought this only happened in the movies. Send some shoes my way if you need to clean!” commented one fan.

“What size shoes do you wear? I could maybe take some off [you]?”

“Accepting donations, size 6.”

Some fans even offered their services. In exchange for payment in shoe form of course.

“Can I please organise your shoe heaven? I mean – closet,” asked one fan.

How do you feel when you look at Sarah Michelle Gellar’s shoe closet – saddened or envious? Let us know in the comments below.

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