SJP is selling us "mum jeans", so why isn't she wearing any?

If these are “mum jeans”, we want a pair.

Sarah Jessica Parker, a 50-year-old actress with great hair, is the new face of an American denim company called Jordache. We don’t know much about this brand with the name that we can’t seem to pronounce (jor-da-chie? jor-dash?) but we know they must like SJP.

At least, enough to have her bend over and show off her bottom in their designs.

The campaign, which American media is loving because “She looks great!” and “Wow, look at those mum jeans!”, has us asking a few questions.

SJP in the Jordache ad.

They’re right, she does look great. But the woman who invented Carrie Bradshaw could quite literally wear a potato sack covered in manure and still be more stylish than the rest of us.

Here’s proof. Post continues after gallery.

It’s not just the pose. It’s not even the out-of-control airbrushing, it’s just these wee things:

1. She’s a smart, successful woman. Why is she bending over a table?

Sarah Jessica Parker is hardly the first woman to be bent over a table in an advert. And sure, there’s the argument that she’s selling the jeans, so she kind of has to show them off. But how often are you hanging out in this comfortable position at your place?

2. She’s 50, and she doesn’t have one single wrinkle.

SJP has never hidden her age. She wears her face with pride (as she should, because they show her life experiences) but there’s not one line on her body in these photos, let alone her face.

Here was a behind-the-scenes shot from the shoot.

Notice her hand? That is realistic, because it’s real. You can also clearly see the lines around her eyes in this shot. But the one that made the campaign? Even knuckles don’t have wrinkles. That’s not clever retouching – that’s just completely unnatural.

Smooth face, smooth arms, smooth hands. It’s great, but it’s not real. Photo courtesy of Jordache.

3. These are not “mum jeans” just because a mum is wearing them.

Just because she’s a mum (of three beautiful children) doesn’t immediately mean her jeans have to be labelled that way. Which is how every media outlet who is running this ad is describing them.


Watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler rip into the ridiculous concept of mum jeans below. Post continues after video.

SJP is a smart, beautiful, successful woman with three children.

We would buy jeans from her any day. They really don’t need to try so hard.

Are you bothered by the airbrushing in this ad?

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