Sarah Harris has something to say about Michelle Bridges' baby body.

They’re both in the public spotlight and regular household names, but for Sarah Harris it’s just inconceivable that the public, which has supported both their careers, would sling judgement and snide remarks now that they’re both in the most life changing, transformative and vulnerable period of their lives: pregnancy.

TV presenter and journalist Sarah Harris has written a column for the Daily Telegraph about how unbelievable the critics and shamers are being towards fitness guru and TBL families personal trainer, Michelle Bridges. Michelle has always trained her body to rock-hard perfection, and still does continue to work out, but probably not to the same extent that she was before falling pregnant. She’s due in early December of this year and already we’re talking “post-baby body.” Sarah, who is due around the same time, can’t understand this. At all.

Sarah Harris is due in December. Image: instagram.

"If a gym goddess like Michelle Bridges is already being pressured to drop the baby weight, what hope is there for the rest of us?" questions Sarah.

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This isn't the first time poor Mish has copped some flack for the way she exercises while pregnant. Earlier on, Michelle and her partner Steve "Commando" Willis went on a baby moon to Tahiti were the pair engaged in regular water sport activities like snorkelling and diving. Everything was travelling splendidly until Mish posted a picture to instagram of the pair jumping off a pier. Instantly, the commenters were outraged, insisting that jumping that high would somehow impact her growing baby's health.

The infamous picture. Image: instagram.

That wasn't all though. When Michelle came out publicly and said she felt like her "good health" played a part in falling pregnant at 44, mummy shakers everywhere stated that this was scientifically incorrect and a "selfish thing to say." It seems as though the health expert can do no right.


And Sarah has had enough of it, as she to was struggling with the extra weight gain and body woes so often brought on by pregnancy.

"It’s taken lots of positive self-talk, but slowly (slowly!) I’ve come to realise that my body isn’t really mine at the moment. Its job is to grow and nurture a baby. And then it has to be strong and healthy enough to deliver it," said Sarah.

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We've got to remember, says Sarah, that mums-to-be are growing elbows and brain matter for a new little human. And surely that deserves a little bit more of that extra cake.

Michelle has also come to accept her changing body and said this about getting back to her fitter physique post-birth:

“My fitness will come. This is a different chapter in my life right now and I’m relishing it.”

Sarah wholeheartedly agrees.

As usual though, the comments under Sarah Harris' column were divided to say the least. One commenter even mum-shamed Sarah on a post about mum-shaming.

For now, just let the woman be pregnant in peace. Image: Getty.

"WOW- anyone would believe that you are among the first women in the entire world to be pregnant and have a baby.  You do know that there have been many women before you who were not so vein and accepted that their bodies would change? Congratulations," the commenter said.

Talk about snarky.

Then there was a user named Rob to save the day.

"This is why mums are so attractive - for many it is only after they have children that they become truly comfortable in their own bodies."

We're with Rob and Sarah. GROWING ELBOWS, people.

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