Sarah Harris is ready to get back to work post-baby.

Breast leakage. It’s something plenty of new mums have to contend with when they return to work. But unlike Studio 10 host Sarah Harris, most don’t have to worry about hundreds of thousands of people watching it happen – live.

The popular morning television host is back on our small screens this morning, four months after giving birth to her adorable little son Paul.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, the 34-year-old is looking forward to being reunited with her work family and have some adult conversation again, but she knows that Paul won’t ever be far from her mind. “Even being away from him now, just thinking about him, I can feel my milk letting down!” she said. “I wonder if I’m going to be sitting on the panel debating something with Joe [Hilderbrandt] and then all of a sudden …”. “I don’t own them anymore anyway,” she conceded of her breasts. “I’m basically just a cow”.

I SWEAR his head spun around – The Exorcist-style – right before this happened…

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The host has shared details of her pregnancy and little Paul’s life via social media, a decision which caused friction with her “extremely private” husband.

“I like to share bits and pieces, though, because I’ve had so much support from people who watch our show,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“It’s a hard, fine line to walk, how much do I share? I would never share pictures of him in the bath or anything like that because I would hate for him to be teased about it in high school. But when people follow your story you do need to give a little bit of yourself.”

Harris now plans to dial down the sharing as Paul gets older, conceding that he isn’t the one who has chosen to be in the public eye.

Naturally, she’s nervous about returning to work, but is convinced that motherhood will make her even better at what she does.

“It has definitely given me a whole new perspective on the world and I feel softer,” she said. “It’s been perspective changing, life changing and unreal. It’s been an amazing experience.”

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