Sarah Harris on the post-birth symptom many women face.

We can all agree that Studio 10 host Sarah Harris has been glowing since the birth of her son Paul.

She hasn’t been spotted without a smile on her face, her skin is glowing, her eyes are sparkling, and her hair is… falling out?!

Yep, Sarah has discovered one of the lesser-known side effects of having a baby – hair loss. She posted a picture to Instagram yesterday of her hairbrush next to a clump of hair, with the caption: “It’s now brushing out in clumps. Boo!”

It’s now brushing out in clumps. Boo!

A photo posted by Sarah Harris ???? (@whatsarahsnapped) on Aug 6, 2016 at 6:16pm PDT


The solution to her post-bub hair woes? Harris paid a visit to her hairdresser.

The cropped blonde bob saw Sarah lose almost  seven centimetres of hair.

“Well that’s my hair loss sorted…Ta ta two and a half inches!” she wrote.  

Well that’s my hair loss sorted… ???????????????????? Ta ta two and a half inches! A photo posted by Sarah Harris ???? (@whatsarahsnapped) on Aug 6, 2016 at 11:52pm PDT

Experiencing hair loss is extremely common for new mums due to hormonal changes that occur when you begin breastfeeding.

According to trichologist Anthony Pearce of Hair Loss Clinic, it’s something many women can experience after birthing their bundle of joy.


“When everything’s good within their body during pregnancy women don’t lose their hair, they’ve never had better hair. That’s because their major female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are at their highest,” explains Pearce.

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But the good news for Sarah and other new mothers? The hair loss is a self-correcting condition; as long as your levels of iron, iodine vitamin D and zinc are all where they should be to reset the phase of the hair.

“Around the two month mark post-birth, telogen effluvium occurs – it’s a fancy way of saying very excessive hair loss in a falling phase,” says Pearce.

“Things start to return to a non-pregnancy level and it’s this falling away of her hormones, and also the readjustment down of the growing phase of the hair.”

In fact, fashion blogger Nadia Bartel (Chronicles of Nadia) found the same thing after giving birth to Aston James last year.



Speaking to Mamamia, Bartel explains she noticed a change in her hair several months after giving birth. “Two months ago (when Aston was about four months old) I noticed lots of my hair falling out in clumps and my hair is much finer and patchy around my hairline,” she explained.

“I had been warned by my girlfriends that are mums and my hairdresser that this can happen. I didn’t believe it was a real thing until it happened to me.”


Go daddy ???? A photo posted by CHRONICLES OF NADIA (@nadiabartel) on Jul 29, 2016 at 3:53am PDT


But, as you can see, Nadia’s luscious locks have MORE than recovered after less than a year on.

So relax, Sarah Harris – your hair will be back to normal lush levels before you know it.

And by the way… we love your new ‘do.


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