Female journalist stuns TV industry by reporting a news story sans make-up.

Incredible scenes stunned morning television viewers today as journalist Sarah Harris managed to perform her job without makeup, nor wearing a frock.

The normally glammed up Studio 10 presenter made news with her barefaced, plain clothed approach in covering the South Australian bush fires. Many in the uber-cosmetic TV industry expressed great shock at Harris’ ability to do her job seemingly just as well, without the requisite 3 hours in the hair and make up room.

Sarah reports from the SA bush fires.

According to news reports, the 33-year-old has temporarily abandoned her glamorous gig on the Studio 10 panel for some hard-hitting journalism instead and felt like the similarly glamorous look needed to be left behind too.

With the concept of appearing on camera without being seriously done up being foreign to most TV executives – we’re sending a huge virtual high 5 Sarah’s way for sticking to her principles.

The (shouldn’t be but kind of is) bold move has shaken the industry, with many male journalists reportedly also considering ‘makeup-free reporting’ in the future.

Sarah Harris as she normally appears.

It seems that this is not the first time Sarah Harris has been able to perform her job without the aid of make-up. Mamamia unearthed this story from back in June.

Well played Sarah. Well played.