This Aussie morning TV host nearly shot herself in the face with a nail gun. Live on air.

Well, that almost went very, very wrong.

Studio Ten’s Sarah Harris was hosting a segment this morning with famous ‘mindreader’ Anthony Laye. The trick involved four nail guns – one of which was loaded – and Harris had to shoot them into Laye’s body.

Now, with these tricks, you know the magician/mindreader/tricky person is never going to actually get hit with the loaded nail gun.

What Anthony Laye wasn’t counting on though, was Sarah Harris not knowing which direction to point the dangerous power tool.

He was blindfolded, and she picked it up and aimed it straight at her own face. Jessica Rowe started screaming and had to run in and grab it off her just as she was about to pull the trigger.

It’s intense.

The moment of truth takes place at about 4:20.

Jessica Rowe: Hero.

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