When it comes to being a mum, Sarah Harris is keeping it real.

Some celebrities like to glaze over the grittier aspects of parenting.

If you looked at most celeb mums’ Instagram accounts, you might think you’re looking at an advert for jojoba oil. Or teeth whitening. Or candid family portraits.

There’s not a poo-filled nappy or mouldy cheese sandwich in sight.

For example, according to Instagram, Miranda Kerr‘s household consists of nothing but Vitamin D, smiles and organic goji berries. And maybe a few bottles of Kora Organics moisturiser…

But Studio 10 host (and all-round legend) Sarah Harris isn’t about to buy into the glossy faux Instagram life. She’s keeping it real. A Vomit-All-Over-Her-Shirt level of real.

The journalist and first time mum posted this delightful photo today, and it has our entire office cheering.

I SWEAR his head spun around – The Exorcist-style – right before this happened…

A photo posted by Sarah Harris ???? (@whatsarahsnapped) on Feb 14, 2016 at 10:40pm PST

We’ve never seen the early stages of motherhood so perfectly encapsulated by one photo. Sarah gave birth to her baby boy, Paul William Ward, in December last year, and her social media feed has been filled with adorably real selfies ever since. Some are even Seinfeld related. 

My baby is channelling George Costanza. ???????? A photo posted by Sarah Harris ???? (@whatsarahsnapped) on Feb 10, 2016 at 1:44pm PST


Sarah is no stranger to keeping it real. While pregnant with Paul, she hit back against The Daily Mail Australia and its readers about paparazzi photos and body shaming.

“This is how I get around once I leave work. I take off my pretty frocks, the heavy makeup and the hair. I take off the Spanx which I’m still wearing.

You know that’s what I look like and that’s ok. And I hope those photos of me make other pregnant women feel better about their bodies.” She told her fellow panelists.

WATCH Sarah slam the body shamers below…

Video via Studio 10

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