Sarah Harris shares her way to ease "new mum eye bags."

Image: Instagram/@whatsarahsnapped.

Ask any new mum and they’ll tell you that once a baby arrives, the word phrase ‘well-rested’ doesn’t quite apply to them anymore. The result?  A desire for a very strong coffee and for Studio 10 host Sarah Harris, some under eye-bags, apparently.

After giving birth to son Paul in late December, Harris recently took time out (yes, baby free) to treat herself and her “new mum eye bags”.

“Just using a blow torch to blast the new mum bags out from under my eyes,” Harris wrote on Instagram.

(Watch: Harris’ co-presenter Jessica Rowe talks about resilience. Post continues after video.)

“It’s amazing what some fancy lights and Sue the Super Facialist can do in one kid-free hour. Thank you @drspillerskincare for spoiling me this arvo. You made my week!”

Image: Instagram/@whatsarahsnapped

Sarah, let's get this straight, we think you look fab, but we'd like to know what exactly that machine is actually doing to your mug.


According to a spokesperson for Face Plus Medispa, the 33 year old opted for Dr Spiller's Ultra Lift, a non-invasive procedure that uses LED light therapy from a hand held machine to encourage the development of collagen in the skin. And yes, it's useful at banishing those dark circles and bags.

The Ultra Lift hand held machine produces vibrations that pulse through the skin. As the machine pulses, the E-Poreation allows for penetration, pushing the tailored product into the patients skin using a safe, non-invasive method.

Don't worry though, it's a totally pain-free, zero down time treatment (So yes, you can do it in your lunch break.) (Post continues after gallery.)

The micro-current in the machine works through a radio frequency to tighten the skin, leading some to refer to it as a 'non-surgical' facelift.

The LED has three difference light settings, with Harris opting for the red light to boost the collagen in the skin. You can also choose from green light, which reduces signs of pigmentation and redness or blue light which is an antibacterial light that can be used to treat acne.

The treatment is actually an add on that can be done after other facials (such as an enzyme facial) as a booster and will set you back just $50.

Ms Harris, we wish you many more "me time" appointments and many full nights of sleep.

If you are not located in NSW, you can call 1300 301 007 to find your local stockist of the treatments.

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