Sarah Harris posted a throwback photo, and she looks exactly like Mandy Moore.

Sometimes, when the stars align and the universe is on your side, you ‘realise stuff’.

This is one of those times.

When Chanel Ten newsreader Sarah Harris posted this fresh-faced throwback to her early TV days on Instagram earlier this week, we got the feeling this innocent trip down memory lane was not all it seemed.

Something about that youthful smile and rosy chereks, framed by a mass of cropped spikey hair that was actually cool before mums stole it in the 90s didn’t sit right with us. It’s almost like she reminded us of someone else.

Or… was someone else.

We could be getting carried away, but this is some serious Illuminati shit right here.

Because we have realised, this photo of Sarah Harris looks exactly like one of our favourite popstars, who also happens to be in the middle of a career resurgence.

Listen: The Binge talk all things Mandy Moore and This Is Us (post continues after audio…)



Don’t you reckon these two look like they could be sisters, or at the very least, second cousins?

Do you see it? (Image: Instagram)

Like here, see how their smiles are exacty the same? And how their cheeks are all rosey and chubby in the same sugary 90s way. And the hair! So short. SO spikey!

How about now?? (Image: Instagram)

Here, gaze upon some more evidence we've collected:

THIS! (Image: Instagram)
AND THIS! (Image: Instagram)

If you don't see it, you're blind. Because they are one and the same, sisters from different misters. That is all.

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