Sarah Harris embraces her "fetching Vegemite stripes" and goes bronde.

“New week, new chapter, new hair”. For Sarah Harris, this has been a rather auspicious Monday.

Earlier this afternoon, the Studio 10 co-host posted a salon selfie to introduce us all to her latest hair update. Like Blake Lively before her, Harris has turned her blonde hair ‘bronde‘ — for mainly practical reasons, it seems.

“It’s growing so fast right now, I figured I might as well embrace my fetching Vegemite stripes. Means less time in the [Channel] Ten hair colour chair… Plus ‘bronde’ sounds funny and I like saying it,” the journalist explained.

Yep, we agree: bronde is fun to say.


"Thanks to @reneeelizabethtaylor for helping me cross back to the dark side... for now."

We'd like to award Harris 10 points for the timely Star Wars reference. Also, her first baby is due to arrive later this month, so it looks like Michelle Bridges isn't the only mum-to-be making a few hair tweaks before the big day.

As for the other big hair changes of the day...


Last week it was Kate Middleton, and now another beloved Brit has ditched her trademark long hair for something a little more choppy.

Adele, she of the magnificent voice and flawless eyeliner, performed on the finale of The X Factor last night — and she was upstaged by her own hair. Say Hello to her brand new look:

Niiiiiice. (Image: Facebook/The X Factor)


The 27-year-old's hair has been floating around shoulder-length for a while now, so this neck-grazing snip is a small but significant change. And for what it's worth, we like it very much.


Watch: Speaking of Adele's eyeliner, here's how you can nail it at home. (Post continues after video.)

Thought that was it for big hair changes today? Ha! How wrong you were.

Carrie Underwood

One of the few remaining long-haired women in Celebrity Land has bitten the bullet and got herself a lob. Or she's just retired her extensions. We're not quite sure.

US country singer Carrie Underwood has worn her hair in long, blonde, loose waves for her entire career, but it seems those days are over.

The 32-year-old nonchalantly posted the evidence on Instagram late last week, and didn't even reference her obviously changed appearance in the caption. But her followers were quick to detect a new length.

Another recruit to Team Long Bob


Check out the other recent hair transformations we're loving in this (exhaustive) gallery: