Studio 10 host Sarah Harris on how Amber Sherlock should have dealt with 'jacketgate'.

Just like Amber Sherlock, Studio 10 host Sarah Harris is no stranger to navigating the territory that is having a behind-the-scenes outburst be broadcast to the world.

For Harris, is was during her time on Channel Nine’s Today, when she dropped the F-word three times during a live broadcast.

“I was reporting on a Gold Coast flood which was non-existent. I’d just come off working a huge couple of weeks where I was up at 3am, working until 10pm, just a busy time,” she told Mia Freedman on No Filter.

LISTEN: Sarah Harris recalls the time she swore on live TV on No Filter:

“I could hear myself on a three second delay in my earpiece and I have a very potty mouth, so I said to the cameraman ‘Mate, we’ve got to get this effing ear piece fixed, I can’t effing hear myself effing think’ and that went to air.”

Thankfully this was pre-internet, so Harris didn’t become a viral sensation, but suddenly her job became a topic of public conversation.

“I remember there were polls being run like ‘should Sarah lose her job?’ and Kylie and Jackie O were talking about it,” she said.

It’s an experience that has helped Harris understand the obsession that people have with taking an accidental on-air incident – like Sherlock ordering fellow journalist Julie Snook to put a jacket on moments before going to air – and turning it into a ‘catfight’.

Amber Sherlock

"I just think the pile-on she’s copped since has been disproportionate to what she said. When it comes to women having a disagreement, people like to pitch in from the sides and say ‘Catfight! Catfight!’," Harris told Fitzy and Wippa this morning.

While both Amber and Julie have said there are "no hard feelings" over the incident, Harris said her own experience showed her there was perhaps a better way for Sherlock to "snuff out" public interest in the story.

"I wonder if she’d just said ‘I’m so sorry, I had a bad day, we’re great mates, I’ve taken Jules out and I’ve told her I’m sorry...'" Sarah said.

She said the most important thing to remember when you're working on a live broadcast is that "you're part of a team".

"You’re a cog in the wheel. A tiny part of the team."

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