Sarah Harris reveals the gender of her baby.

Studio 10 host Sarah Harris, 33, announced her and her husband Tom Ward were expecting at the beginning of July.

Now she’s finally shared the gender of the baby live on air.

A beautiful baby boy.

Sarah Harris' baby bump. (Image via Instagram)

“As long as it’s healthy I don’t care, but it is ... a boy!” Harris said before the show wrapped. Harris' co-hosts had spent the morning predicting the gender, with most convinced it was a boy.

When Harris shared her first bump picture on Instagram at 21 weeks of pregnancy, there was also some speculation about the gender.

Sarah Harris. (Image via Instagram)

By calling her baby "little fella" in the caption, her followers immediately began questioning if she was in fact, expecting a boy.

"Fella? It's a boy? Congratulations," one commenter wrote. Harris commented back , "I do know but not saying just yet," at the time.

Well the cat is officially out of the bag now.


Do you think Sarah Harris is having a boy or a girl?

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