Sarah Harris was in labour, thought it was just indigestion.

Sarah Harris, 34, gave birth to her adorable little guy Paul seven weeks ago. So this morning, she returned to Studio 10 to introduce him to his TV aunts and uncles.

Harris said she’d been overwhelmed by all the love and support she and her husband Tom Ward received since Paul’s birth. “We feel loved. We do, we feel very loved,” she said.

“It gives me goosebumps and makes me want to cry. It’s like he’s got lots of aunties and uncles out there.”

As her colleagues fawned over the baby (props to Tarsh Belling for her face-pulling skills), Harris explained that she didn’t know she was in labour when her labour pains began a week early.

“I didn’t now I was in labour for quite a while. I was eating a whole pizza,” she explained.


She was in pain but figured it was her meal-choice. “I thought, ‘This pizza is really giving me grief’.”

When it finally dawned that it was showtime, Harris made it to hospital and gave birth to Paul four hours later.

Wide-eyed Paul makes his TV debut. Image via Channel 10.

“In hospital, I kept looking over and thinking, ‘I can’t believe you came out of me and I made you’,” she told the panel.

Now that he’s here, Harris says she and Ward can’t imagine him not being a part of their lives.

“It’s like he’s always been here,” she said. “It’s like a chamber of the heart that you didn’t know existed.”

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