We need to talk about the best couple in Married at First Sight history.

Sarah, a 38-year-old beauty specialist has been matched with Telv, a 34-year-old machinery technician, by a panel of ‘experts’ on Married at First Sight, and something about them is sparking a feeling within us that is… unfamiliar.

We think it might be warmth. But also maybe… joy. 

You see, I’m more invested in Sarah and Telv’s relationship than my own and I only feel mild shame about that.

We debrief on the greatest moment in Sarah and Telv’s relationship, on our MAFS recap podcast. Post continues after. 

When they were matched, I had little to no hope given the track record of the panel of experts. In all of Married at First Sight history, they’ve matched precisely 23 couples.

Of those 23 couples, 22 have failed.


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if Married at First Sight was a dating app, I would have deleted it years ago.

Sarah and Telv were the first match of the season. We were given an insight into Sarah’s backstory, a clearly kind and emotionally intelligent woman, whose fiance left her a few years ago.

Soon after, Sarah miscarried twins.

It was incredibly tragic for a show that we watch primarily to laugh at, but there was something about Sarah that we fell in love with at that moment.

And then along came Telv with his ridiculously kind face.


No one could pronounce his name for the first three episodes, mostly because he is not a white man and everyone got very confused. We're pretty sure at one point an expert referred to him as 'Telf'.

Anywho - the second they saw each other, there was mutual adoration.

And before long, they became in the words of a tweet I stumbled across, "the Barack and Michelle Obama of Australia".

When they are onscreen, talking over dinner, I find myself laughing at their jokes. 


There is a chemistry we literally never see on this godforsaken show and it has given me a feeling that I think I shall identify as 'hope'.

They are two people from entirely disparate worlds, who might not have ordinarily crossed paths, completely infatuated with one another.

Listen to our full debrief of last night's Married At First Sight ep. Post continues below. 

In five seasons of Married at First Sight, they are the first pair to spend some of their home stay time engaging in community service. We felt bad because this show had made us forget about charity/kindness/being good to others, and then Telv and Sarah REMINDED us.

All we want in life is for Sarah and Telv to live happily ever after. That's all.

They are everything that is right in this world. And if they do not work out then I need therapy but so does the rest of the country.