Sarah and Gab unleash on Nasser. In front of Nasser.

What? You thought because Married at First Sight stopped airing the drama would come to a sudden and screeching holt?

What a pretty little land you must live in.

You see, this morning, there was a great, big Married at First Sight reunion on the Kyle and Jackie O show, because where else do you go to air all your dirty laundry?

While Nasser, Gab and Dean were in studio, Sarah was called in on the phone. It didn’t take her long – knowing full well Nasser was in ear shot – to be brutal about what she really thought of him.

“I definitely would not put one ounce of merit into anything Nasser has to say,” Sarah said, to which Gab replied, “hear, hear”.

“Nasser’s not the gem that everyone thinks he is.

“Nobody talks to Nasser anymore, because Nasser tells lots of stories to the media so he’s not really our friend anymore.”

May I repeat: Nasser was there the whole time.

“You know Nasser actually had a girlfriend the whole time. He shipped her off so he could film it. I feel sorry for Gab, poor Gabrielle,” Sarah continued.

It was about here that Jackie O took the fort.

“Did you know he had a girlfriend?” she asked Gab.

“I certainly … ah, I just don’t want to comment.”

We debrief on Davina’s raucous on the couch, on our MAFS recap podcast. Post continues after. 

She she have suspicions, though?

“Ah, I don’t want to comment.”

Nasser could muster little more than this:

“There’s no girlfriend… it’s bollocks.”


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