Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.


1. Kate Ritchie has spoken about her most embarrassing radio moment that still keeps her up at night.

Kate Ritchie has shared her most embarrassing radio moment, and oh boy, it’s awkward.

The former Home and Away star co-hosts Nova’s afternoon drive show Kate, Tim and Marty alongside Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold.

But despite the 40-year-old’s radio success – including her recent nomination for Best Entertainment Presenter at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards – there’s one awkward memory that keeps her awake at night.


Speaking to news.com.au’s Andrew Bucklow, the mum-of-one shared what went down when musician Keith Urban visited the studio.

“Before I could stop myself, I was telling him that he was shorter than I expected,” Kate said.

“Keith is a lovely guy and probably couldn’t care less what I thought about his height, but I kick myself to this day about such a silly comment,” she added.

“Having people spew their thoughts about your appearance right at you, without thinking, is something I live with and loathe.”


2. The Wiggles’ Emma and Lachy had their first performance together. And fans couldn’t help but notice something.


Though it feels like a lifetime ago, it has only been three weeks since Wiggles stars Emma Watkins and Lachlan Gillespie announced their decision to split after two and a half years of marriage.

They assured fans that they’d continue to perform together as the yellow and purple Wiggles despite the breakup, but as to be expected things are a bit, uh, awkward.

The pair performed together for the first time post-announcement on Sunday and The Daily Telegraph has reported it was not all smooth sailing, with a missed hand holding queue and a “sharp” response by Emma when correcting what type of flowers Lachlan was given at the end of the show.

But despite this, Emma had previously said the pair had been living apart for six months before their announced separation and had performed hundreds of shows in that time so they’re clearly pros at putting their personal lives aside and just getting on with the job.

3. Elle Macpherson’s brilliant response to people’s bizarre criticism of her feet.

Elle Macpherson has something very important to say about her feet.

After posting an idyllic photo of her feet on a yacht in Miami, Instagram followers made comments cruelly calling them “chicken feet” and criticised her for having a great body but terrible feet.

Instead of letting the haters get to her, the 52-year-old model decided to take matters into her own hands.

Miami Sunday .. @cyfly08 @cybusson @arki_b :blue_heart:#luismorais

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In response to the comment “Damn Girl you have some Long Ass Feet & Toes… #Monsters”, Elle Macpherson simply commented “6ft baby”.

To the other, unnecessary comment, “I have those bone spurs on the top of my feet and due to have surgery in two weeks to remove them. Do you know something I don’t? Have you been advised either way as nervous about it,” to which Machperson simply replied. “Why remove?”

Show em who’s boss, Elle.

4. The Block’s Sara says she hasn’t been portrayed accurately on TV.

Sara Vale from The Block has said she is unhappy with the way she has been portrayed on TV.


Speaking to The Fix, she says she doesn’t understand how she is being presented as a villain.

“I don’t know why we’ve been dubbed the villains when we’re not fighting with other couples,” 31-year-old Sara exclusively told TheFIX.

“It’s more about how we’ve interacted with each other, but that wasn’t anyone else’s business,” she added.

The 45-year-old elaborated in the interview, revealing that she thinks it’s her opinion that has left her and Hayden as the villain couple.


“Maybe I’m a woman in 2018 that’s got an opinion and people still find that hard to take,” she said.

“But every season of The Block needs to have that couple, and we just ended up as that couple.”

The interview comes just days after Cass Wood spoke out about being portrayed as “clingy” on The Bachelor.

5. “Such a shame.” People are absolutely furious at Prince George’s newest milestone.


When news about Prince George is leaked the reaction is usually a fusion of gushing and awww-ing, but the latest information about the five-year-old’s latest hobby is having a completely different effect.

On Sunday evening royal correspondent Emily Andrews tweeted a photo of Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II in the car driving at Balmoral Castle. While the photo was from 2017, the caption is what has people furious.

“Kate, William, George, Charlotte & Louis are spending this weekend at Balmoral with HM. George was taken to his first grouse shoot on Friday by Kate, with the Queen, Charles, Edward, Sophie, Louise & James, Anne, Zara & Mike Tindall joining for lunch. Quite the family fun!” she captioned the image.


It was the detail about Prince George learning how to shoot that had people angry, and many expressed their distaste for the activity on Twitter.



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