The question we've been asking for 17 years: This is where Big Brother's Sara-Marie is now.

Guys… it’s… it’s… happened.

Sara-Marie Fedele from the first season of Big Brother has been found.

Yes, she was never technically missing.

And no, she’s not under any obligation to tell us her whereabouts.

But pack away with candle-lit vigils and take down the missing persons posters because she’s been found.

Right when I was on the brink of releasing my 10-episode investigation podcast called Missing Sara-Marie or Where Be Sara-Marie, the Big Brother alum popped up on national TV.

This morning Fedele appeared as a guest panelist on Network Ten’s morning panel show, Studio Ten.


She relived her Big Brother days with fellow panelists – Jessica Rowe, Joe Hildebrand and Natarsha Belling – and told them the story behind her legendary bum dance.

“That was to send a signal to my sisters,” she said.

“There’s four girls in our family and we used to do that as a joke. One sister would get out the bongo drums and I had the biggest bum so I’d move it around. I thought, ‘What could I send a sign to my sisters that I was happy?’ So that’s how that was created.”

The bubbly reality TV star also admitted that she wore the bunny ears in the house because she couldn’t be bothered doing her hair… and same.

These days Fedele is a mum to her three-year-old daughter and she’s recently started her own online business.

She… she… sells personalised grains of rice that she writes names or messages on for her customers.

Yes… that’s a thing apparently.

The former reality star also admitted that she missed the person she was while she was on the show.


“I just really feel the free spirit of not knowing that anybody was watching, really having no idea,” she said.

“That feeling of emotional freedom and not caring.”

And yes, she still does a mean bum dance.