One of your favourite childhood stars is pregnant.

Hint: She was in a popular ’90s sitcom.

Hint: The sitcom was Roseanne.

Hint: But it’s not Roseanne.

It’s Darlene.

Sara Gilbert, who once played the sarcastic daughter of Roseanne Barr and now plays sarcastic characters in other shows like The Big Bang Theoryis pregnant. It will be the first child for Sara, 39, and her new wife, Linda Perry, rock songwriter and producer.

Sara, who came out as gay in 2010, also has two children, aged 7 and 9, with ex-partner Alison Adler.

Sara announced the pregnancy during American chat show The Talk (of which she is a co-host), when she had to give reasons as to why she could not lie down on a bed of nails and have a cinder block smashed across her stomach. Lucky she was pregnant. Or she would have had to LIE ON A BED OF NAILS AND HAVE A CINDER BLOCK SMASHED ACROSS HER STOMACH.

There is a surprisingly nice video to go with this.


Child stars are the best. Remember these ones?

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