Bali murder accused Sara Connor and David Taylor return to beach for reconstruction.

By Indonesia correspondent Samantha Hawley

Australian woman Sara Connor and British man David Taylor, who are accused of murdering an on-duty Bali police officer, have been brought back to the scene for a reconstruction in front of media.

The couple has been kept apart since the death of Wayan Sudarsa, who was found with 42 wounds to his body on Kuta Beach, including his head and neck, and embraced on the beach upon being reunited.

Taylor kissed Connor on the temple when they arrived, handcuffed together, at around 4:00am local time exactly two weeks after the officer’s death.

The pair were taken to the water’s edge, before being moved back closer to the street where Taylor allegedly first confronted the police officer over Connor’s missing bag.

Bali’s police chief said evidence strongly supported the charge against both suspects, though Inspector General Sugeng Priyanto said lawyers had the right to argue the Australian woman was not involved in the alleged murder.

The police chief said the crime had been made worse by the suspects allegedly destroying evidence and taking belongings from the policeman’s body.

Police allege witnesses placed both Connor and Taylor at the scene on the morning of the murder and that Taylor has confirmed the duo were there.

The police chief also said blood was found on the wall and on a towel in Taylor’s hotel room.

Connor’s credit card and wallet were among belongings found near the crime scene.

Police have confronted the pair over conflicting accounts of the events of the night, with a member of Taylor’s legal team conceding some contradictions had likely emerged.

“[Taylor] was also asked about the [victim’s] shoes. He took the victim’s shoes off, but he forgot why he did that,” lawyer Haposan Sihoming said.

“He was also asked about Sara. After they went back to Kudu Kath Inn, they cleaned their clothes and he knew there was a little bit of blood on Sara’s clothes.

“Usually in my experience when the investigators confront the parties involved, that means there are some contradicting statements between the suspect.”

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