Something beautiful: Santa did a wonderful thing to make one little girl's Christmas.



Six-year-old Sadie Adam usually needs an interpreter to speak with Santa each Christmas.

But not this year.

Sadie, who is deaf, visited Santa on December 6, and was stunned when he began signing for her.

Image via Facebook.

It was all part of a surprise organised by her mother, Ronelle Adam, who had secretly taught Westminster Police Chief Salvatore Albert how to sign in the days leading up to the visit.

Albert has played Santa for 15 years in the US town and he told ABC News he was happy to be part of the plan.

‘It was amazing to see the smile on her face and her eyes wide open with joy that Santa knew sign language. I am going to try to learn more for next year,’ Albert said.

Image via Facebook.

Ronelle spent an hour teaching Albert the basics of sign language and he went on to practice for several days to prepare for Sadie’s surprise.

He said it was the first time a parent had made such a request.

For the record, Sadie asked Santa for “a kitchen and a baby” for Christmas.

Here’s hoping she finds both under her Christmas tree on December 25.

Here is the video of Sadie’s visit to Santa: