A stranger handed the child a card with a note in it. He really picked the right family.

A secret Santa story with extra feels.

Earlier this week, a Canberra mother was having hot chocolate with her child when a stranger placed an envelope on their table.

It contained a card, a $5 note and a message for the little girl.

“For a well-behaved little girl,” it read. “We hope you have a Merry Christmas. Santa is always watching, he sends people to let you now that you are on the ‘nice’ list.”

The money, it said, was a reward for being good.

What Santa’s Little Helper didn’t know was that the impeccably mannered child was actually with her foster mother, after recently being separated from her birth family.

“I could not hold back the tears when I opened the card you left and read your thoughtful words,” the girl’s mother wrote in a Facebook post.

“You acknowledged the beautiful behaviour of my child, who sat quietly eating chocolate strawberries and chatting to me and my friend.

“What you couldn’t have possibly known, is that the child you took the time to acknowledge has recently been separately from their birth family.”

The post on the Canberra Mums Facebook page.

The post, which appeared on the Canberra Mums Facebook page, has been liked more than 4,800 times so far and shared almost 500 times.


The girl’s mum said, as a foster carer, it was difficult to explain just how much the kind words meant to her.

“Life for a foster child is not easy, but through your kindness you have shown this amazing child the spirit of community.

“Your random act of kindness towards us complete strangers has touched me deeply. I will treasure this memory for my lifetime. Thank you.”

And it seems her gratitude will be returned to the source, with one commenter on the post explaining the origin of the Christmas card.

“The people who gave the card and money to this little girl are friends of mine. They decided with their children that instead of giving their four kids advent calendars, that they would do a good deed every day till Christmas Eve.”

The first of their good deeds was paying an old lady’s grocery bill, they also put together a “pamper kit” for a colleague who “needed a bit of pampering”.

“These people ALWAYS go above and beyond for others in need and are always the first to help where needed,” the commenter explained.

“They are truly a wonderful family and I just wanted to acknowledge them and their kindness.”

What’s the best Christmas surprise you’ve ever been given?