The bizarre Got Talent audition video that's horrifying parents around the world.

It begins innocently enough. Four women walk onto the stage, each clutching a baby in an adorable Santa Costume. But what happens next has some viewers horrified.

The babies are flung around to the tune of Jingle Bells in a bizarre, acrobatic dance. They are tipped upside down, swung side to side, one is even somersaulted in the air held only by her wrists.

The “Santa Babies” clip, posted on the Got Talent Global Facebook page last week, comes via the Ukrainian version of the juggernaut reality programme.

It’s since been viewed over one million times and shared over 14,000. But large portion of the reaction has been far from festive. In fact, most of the top comments on the clip belong to viewers concerned that the babies may be injured – perhaps severely.

“Why on earth would you risk your child’s safety for a talent show!” wrote one outraged viewer. “That’s not talent! Someone needs to look into these kids lives very closely…”

“This is NOT CUTE and NOT FUNNY. Infants have extremely fragile joints and their shoulders and hips are very easily dislocated,” wrote another. “Also, being tossed around like that can most definitely cause blunt force trauma to the brain in the form of a concussion or contusion. This is absolutely infuriating.”

Other followers slammed the women for using the babies as “props” and exploiting them for “entertainment value”.

But while the critics definitely hold the majority in the comments section, a few argued the uproar was an overreaction.

“Is everyone in this comment section uneducated as to what these women are doing?” asked one. “That is baby yoga they’re not hurting them if you can look the babies are smiling and laughing they’re not hurt or in pain.”


Another stepped in with a similar opinion. “I’m sure if it was bad they wouldn’t do it. They’ve probs been trained etc to handle babies this way. Also they aren’t crying and that boy was smiling away so clearly not in pain…” [sic]

It should be noted that no babies cried, nor appeared injured in the video.

What do you think of the performance? Harmless or dangerous?

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