The moment the horrible, horrible Sansa Stark theory became a very real possibility.

There are many, many, many Game of Thrones theories circulating on the internet. One has been circulating for a while now. We’ve been able to push it to the side, hoping that it isn’t true (it’s beyond awful). But… this week, it became a very real possibility.

Spoilers: You are about the read a Game of Thrones post… which means one thing… spoilers. 

You most likely missed it. I did.

You see, both of us were probably doing the same thing, celebrating that Ramsay Snow Bolton died. The last time I was that happy was when King Joffrey died.

Ramsay Bolton. Image: HBO

This is what you missed:

"You can't kill me, I'm a part of you now."

Those were Bolton's final words to his ex-wife Sansa Stark before he was eaten by his dogs (let's all admit we doubled our dog's breakfast after that scene).

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Now, if you are like me, I just thought that this was Bolton's last attempt to torture Stark. I thought he meant that she would forever be haunted by the memory of being married to him. Unfortunately... it might not be that simple.

Here's the theory: "I'm a part of you now" reveals a secret only Stark and Bolton know. She's pregnant with his baby.

If you cast your mind back to their wedding night (I know, I want to forget the moment too), we saw/heard Bolton rape his wife (while Theon Greyjoy was forced to watch).

Sansa Stark on her wedding day. Image: HBO

Ever since this episode, fans predicted that Stark would fall pregnant. We can also assume that this wasn't the one and only time poor Stark was raped while married to Bolton.

It's highly likely that she's pregnant, which has forced fans to do a Jennifer Aniston on Stark, in other words, look at image after image of Stark while staring at her belly for clues.

That could totally be a bump... Image: HBO

If she is pregnant, what does this mean for Stark? In the trailer for the next episode, it seems like Little Finger is finally going to get what he wants - Stark. But if she's pregnant...

What would Little Finger think? Image: HBO

P.S. Hallelujah, Game of Thrones finally became amazing.