Fluff: Sofia Vergara's sister is just as smoking.

It must be hard to live in the curvy, perfect shadow of a star like Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara.

But you know who’s doing okay? Sandra Vergara.

Sandra is Sofia’s biological cousin and adopted sister. Need to read that again? Sandra is Sofia’s biological cousin and adopted sister. Sofia jokes that her family is like a Spanish soap opera… now we get it.

This is Sandra.

This is Sofia.

Need to do that again?

This is Sandra.

This is Sofia.

Vergaras. Good at genes.

Sandra is 26 and Sofia is 42. Sandra has a lot to look forward to (i.e. not ageing).

Now, spot the differences:

Sofia is hot. Sandra is hot.

Sofia is an actress. Sandra is an actress.

Sofia is fun and kind of crazy. Sandra is fun and kind of crazy.


But seriously, it looks like Sandra is doing pretty well for herself (she’s no way near as successful as Sofia, but she was on CSI and The Bold And The Beautiful so at least she’s not at home crying about being the black sheep). She also does kooky YouTube videos where fans can ask her for advice.

So that’s… good.

With the Vergara bone structure and that accent that is somewhere between endearing and caricature, how could Sandra fail? It can’t be easy having a sister-cousin winning all the ‘Sexiest Woman’ trophies… but Sandra is going to be okay.


Stop it, Sandra.

This is Sofia. So much pretty.

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