She was attacked and bullied after The Bachelor, but Sandra Rato fought back.

Sam Wood might not have seen it, but this is one woman who deserves a rose.

Former The Bachelor Australia contestant Sandra Rato has slammed her online shamers to prove happiness has nothing to do with size.

Rato told the Daily Mail she was victim to an onslaught of criticism once she left the reality program.

“After coming off the show there is a lot of body shaming to deal with, which is extremely unfortunate,” she said.

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The 28-year-old told the publication she was distinguished from other contestants by her weight.

“There was always something written or commented about me, referring to me as the biggest girl in the last year’s Bachelor series,” she said.


“A lot of the time I was referred to by the public and those horrible trolls as being obnoxious and attention seeking because I was the ‘chubby’ one in the house.”

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Rato said her bullies considered her outgoing personality a way to “compensate” for her body.

“And that was the only way I could get noticed, basically saying I had a low self esteem as the ‘fat’ one and I had to be loud. Which is total bull!” she told the Daily Mail.

Rato has undergone a lifestyle change since she appeared on the show, but the P.E teacher maintains she is just as happy in her current body as she was previously.

Source: Instagram.

Rato modified her diet and mixed-up her exercise routine, embracing the Mediterranean way of eating and now enjoys a diet rich in fish and vegetables.

The ex-contestant has also taken up yoga, boxing and spin classes.

Have you ever experienced body shaming?