In the midst of the Emmys excitement and glamour, Sandra Oh's incredible story was lost.

The Emmys are done and dusted for another year and all the winners have walked away with their awards.

But amid the excitement and the glamour of the red carpet, there was an incredibly powerful, history-making moment we all missed.

For the first time in history, a woman of Asian descent was nominated for a lead actress Emmy.

And while actress Sandra Oh may not have walked away with the award for her role on Killing Eve, the nomination in itself was undoubetely step in the right direction.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly on the red carpet accompanied by her parents, the former Grey’s Anatomy star spoke about the significance of her nomination and the impact it will have on women of colour.


“I remember being that girl. I remember absolutely being 10, about the time when I started acting, not knowing why I needed to do what I needed to do, and there just wasn’t really anything out there,” the emotional 47-year-old said.

“The disconnect I remember feeling at that age, or the feeling of not belonging, if there’s a way of changing that, if there’s a way of saying a possibility to a young girl, ‘You can do this, you can be a part of culture in this way,’ I hope to be a part of that.”

But while Sandra’s nomination was history making, it’s clear there’s still a long way to go when it comes to representation at the Emmys.

According to the ABC, since 1999, only 27 women of colour have been nominated in the lead actress categories for their roles in a drama, comedy or limited series.

Out of those 27 women, only four have won.

Sandra Oh and Jessica Biel
Sandra Oh and Jessica Biel on the 2018 Emmy Awards red carpet. Image: Getty.

Previously speaking on receiving the script for BBC drama series Killing Eve, Sandra explained her shock at finding out she was starring in the lead role.

“In that moment, I did not assume the offer was for Eve,” she said.

“I think about that moment a lot. Of just going, how deep have I internalised this? [So] many years of being seen [a certain way], it deeply, deeply, deeply affects us.

"It’s like, how does racism define your work? Oh my goodness, I didn’t even assume when being offered something that I would be one of the central storytellers. Why? And this is me talking, right?”

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 She may not have won the Emmy, but she definitely did in our books.

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