CULT BUY: The sand-free beach towels you need this summer.

Summer is almost here, people.

That means trips to the beach, fun in the sun and… sand. So much bloody sand.

On your feet, on your beach towel, in your car, behind your couch, in the pocket of a pair of jeans you swear you haven’t worn since 1992. In the crotch of your bathers.

Thankfully, an Australian company has designed a sand-free beach towel – which means you can finally leave the sand at the beach instead of carrying it around with you for the next six years.

The Tesalate towel is made of a special microfibre, called AbsorbLite, which actually repels sand.

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When you’re finished at the beach, you simply pick up your towel, give it a shake, and the sand just slips off – so you leave the beach at the beach.

Tesalate towels are also really absorbent, they’ll hold up to a litre of water, and they dry super quick.

According to the makers, they’re compact too, so you can roll them up in pop them into your bag and still have plenty of room for the important things like sunscreen, a really good beach read, and snacks, so many snacks.

Tesalate towels retail for $79 which seems like a bargain for a sand free future – plus there’s free shipping.

See you later, sand.

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