Samuel Johnson dedicated his Logie win to his sister Connie.


Winner of Best Actor at tonight’s TV Week Logie Awards Samuel Johnson has dedicated the award to his sister Connie, who is dying from cancer.

This is the third time the 37-year-old mother has battled with cancer. When she was 11 suffered an unusual tumour in a bone in her leg. At 22, she overcame a tumour in her womb.

Now, it has spread to her lungs, liver, pelvis, spine and knee and, this time, it’s terminal.

“She’s going to go out fighting,” Johnson told the audience upon receiving his Logie tonight.

Connie is trying to beat the Guinness World Record of “the longest line of coins, absurdly,” Johnson continued.

“She’s putting together a row of coins in the shape of a love heart – it’s hopefully the biggest love heart this country has ever seen and it will be made of five cent pieces.”

“The entire proceeds are going directly to our scientists and researchers, no skimming, no admin.”

Johnson encouraged the families of Australia to buy a metre of coins, to help Connie beat the record and to “keep our families safe from the terrors of cancer”.

“It’s only $2.90 to buy one metre of five cent coins. The heart is being made in 12 days and, on behalf of my beautiful sister Connie who I dedicate this award to, I’d like to urge any family watching, affected by cancer or not, to join us in our quest.”


“I love you Connie, I love you,” Johnson yelled with a smile as he clutched his award in the air and left the stage.

Heartbreaking and lovely and inspirational and congratulations Sam Johnson.

Head to LoveYourSister.org to “buy a metre“. And you can follow Connie’s story on Facebook here.