The one item that made my living room makeover feel chic and grown-up.

Thanks to our brand partner, Samsung

My husband and I decided to ditch our sad and saggy-looking old sofa for an upgrade and that humble decision is how our living room makeover started.

Once I picked my pristine new grown-up couch I then got it in my head that I wanted our new living space to feel fresh, minimal, chic and sophisticated. And to me, sophistication meant no huge black square sitting smack bang in the middle.

Samsung the frame
So fresh.

As you can imagine, the idea of ditching the TV didn't go down to well with my husband and if I’m honest, I don't think I could really do without one either. While I don’t watch a huge amount of telly I really didn't want to live without Gogglebox and the Kardashians.

Enter, The Frame by Samsung. It’s a TV that’s only a TV when you want it to be, and a work of art at all other times.

The Frame operates as an interactive art gallery. The TV’s Art Store gives you access to more than 850 works of art. We’re talking works from the Van Gogh Museum, the Berline State Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Fancy.

Can't even tell it's a telly!

There’s also a huge selection of other imagery to choose from (think architecture, nature, etc) OR, you can load your own art or photos using a USB. You can even select an image based on the colour scheme of your room.

Even cooler, you then go on to ‘mount’ your artwork just as you would if you were in a framing shop. You can choose from various coloured and textured amounts that are able to reflect other real art or prints you have within the space.

The TV itself comes with a standard black frame (which I opted for), with options of a white, beige wood or walnut bezel that just clips on and off - again, it is customisable so it truly looks like a work of art.

The Frame can be hung on the wall (there’s no need to drill to drop cords down the wall cavity, there's just one discreet cord that runs from the bottom of the frame), or you can display it on an easel or on feet.

Samsung the frame
Loving the symmetry.

Art Mode is activated with a touch of the One Remote and turns off if no-one is in the room by way of a sensor. The same sensor reads the brightness in the space to ensure The Frame looks like real art - not like a bright glowing screen. I'm already a Samsung fridge and microwave owner so I know their products are energy efficient, but I like the option that I can turn the TV off altogether if I want to.

While I was tempted by the many stunning options in the Art Store I decided to get crafty and create my own so it would complement the other prints in my living area.

Mum and dad are coming over for dinner next week so I’m going to create a slideshow of our wedding photos to pop on for their proud viewing pleasure and to keep the occupied while I cook.

The possibilities are endless.

The Frame by Samsung starts from $1799.

Extra info: The pieces of art are pre-installed on the product, but additional artwork is available for purchase through the Samsung Art Store (internet connection is required). Additional frames, beyond black, are sold separately. The Samsung Studio Stand easel is sold separately. Performance may vary depending on the ambient brightness level at home.

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