Samsung's perfect response to iPhone bend gate.


Much excitement always surrounds the release of a new Apple product. This was no exception when last weekend the much anticipated iPhone 6 and its slightly larger twin the iPhone 6 Plus was placed on the market.

So when it was discovered that the new iPhone’s aluminium build was bending in its owners pockets, people were shocked. Could this flawed product really come from Apple, the company who could previously do no wrong?

Somebody was not shocked though.
With this major flaw revealed, the marketing team at Samsung came up with a crafty way of not-subtly bashing the Apple product while promoting their latest phone. Classy.
Case in point: This advertisement.
Samsung 1, Apple 0.

It’s an iPhone 6 bent before a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Those b*tches.

It didn’t stop there though. Samsung was still having fun.

Got us again.

The war continues. Whose side are you on?