Someone wrote "BFF goals" on this viral wedding photo, and all hell broke loose.

Somone has trolled the photograph of Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli getting married and the internet is divided.

It was the image of the weekend. It was in our social feeds, on news stations, spoken about over glasses of wine on Saturday afternoon. Did you see it?

The photo of Orange is the New Black actress Samira Wiley and her wife, the show’s writer Lauren Morelli, at their wedding in Palm Springs in California was plastered across the globe, complete with a breast-plated jumpsuit, a cape, and an off-the-shoulder gown.

Twitter user (it’s always a Twitter user), Vegan Megan with the handle @pickedupfloozy, saw it as an opportunity.

“Getting married on the same day as my best friend is absolutely bff goals! Are there any pics of how their husbands look like?” they posted alongside the couple shot.


Outrage ensued. Some politely pointed out the pair were getting married. Others weren’t so kind.

VeganMegan doubled down.

“Well if they weren’t friends before then they SURELY became friends right after. Just look at their smiles #BFFGOALS,” she Tweeted.

She wasn’t done…

VeganMegan fielded criticism with: “that’s not what ‘gay’ looks like”.


It’s understandable the response has been divided.

One one hand, it’s a sign of how ready we are to be offended. Even when someone is using humour to start a conversation or make people laugh or even to illustrate a point. VeganMegan did confirm they were joking, telling a commenter: “it was just me being silly. If you got offended by my attempt at humour I sincerely apologise.”

On the other hand, the LGBTI community is definitely not laughing.

Poking fun at something positive, in a world where gay and lesbian relationships so rarely receive any recognition beyond bad headlines and violent news stories, is hurtful.

The book proving that when it comes to families, one size doesn’t fit all. Post continues below.

It is overlooking the discrimination and danger members of the LGBTI community face because of their sexuality.

It is glazing over the fact gay and lesbian people are at a higher risk of suffering mental health problems like depression and anxiety because of the stigma and the discrimination and the hate-from-people-on-the-internet their relationships attract.

It is making a joke out of a marriage that is not even legal around the world – including in Australia.

Most of all, it’s a sign of ignorance. That a beautiful, happy, real photograph of two women getting married circulated around the world is a win for the LGBTI community. It’s one positive story. Please can we keep it that way?

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