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Samantha X said sex workers "help" marriages. Then her partner slept with one.

Samantha X is a former high class escort who one said men seeing sex workers can help save troubled marriages.

Then she discovered her boyfriend, nicknamed Mr Big, had been doing that.

They were in a hotel room when she discovered he’d been sleeping with other sex workers.

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“That’s not how I expected my life to end up and I really understood how women must feel when they find their partners cheating with women, sex workers or not,” she told Mia Freedman on the No Filter podcast.

“It’s actually a horrible feeling and in that hotel room I remember thinking ‘Is this how wives feel?’ It was a really, really horrible night for me and I felt sick in my stomach.”

It’s this discovery that starts her second book, Back On Top, following her journey deciding whether to continue as an escort or “hang up her heels”.

Listen: Samantha X on the night she discovered her boyfriend cheating. Post continues after audio.

X, real name Amanda Groff, said the first thing that came to mind after finding out about the cheating was the questions every women has in a similar situation.

“I was so jealous, ‘Was she prettier than me? Has she got a better body than me?’,” she told Freedman.

“It’s irrelevant what job they do but it’s sickening, absolutely sickening.”

She now runs her own agency, Samantha X Angels and mentors women in the industry. The journalist-turned-sex-worker came to prominence in 2014 when she went public about her change of career with her first book Hooked – Secrets of a High Class Escort.

At the time she caused a storm when she claimed that sex workers like her were saving marriages.


“Where else are they going to go? Where else are they going to have that outlet? You know. I’m happy to be that outlet because I’m happy that I make them happy so they go home happy,” she told Sunday Night.

“I see myself as part of the solution and I know that’s inflamed a lot of women but I also think that some people live in denial in their marriages.

“We wouldn’t exist if the demand wasn’t there and I truly still believe that sex workers can help marriages and I know that we have in some cases.”

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Despite the personal experience now, she says she stands by that belief.

“I’m not saying seeing an escort is a great way to save your marriage but most men have no outlet and they have no one to talk to and I realised that by listening to men, women talk to each other all the time, we have support networks but men very rarely have that,” she told Freedman.

“They love their wives and would never leave their wives but for whatever reason they’ve been married for 30 or 40 years, intimacy is gone, they sleep in different bedrooms and half the time they say their wives wouldn’t even care.”

Interestingly, many men don’t see it as a problem.

“To me it is cheating, it is straying but men don’t see it like that. It’s incredible,” she said.

Listen to the full interview below.

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