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The lessons Samantha Jade learnt from her mother's death.

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On stage, Samantha Jade looks like she’s on top of the world – bubbly, full of smiles and enjoying hard-earned success.

But while she’s adding an appearance on Home and Away (an Aussie requirement, surely?) and a new album to her resume, it’s her family and more unfortunately a personal tragedy that Jade says keeps her grounded.

Her mother Jacqueline passed away from cancer in 2014, a loss the 28-year-old singer claims taught her many lessons, including a total change in her attitude towards life.

“I used to say things like that — that I considered each day a blessing — but I didn’t really practice it. Now I do,” she told The Daily Telegraph. 

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One of the biggest, and toughest, lessons Jade took away from the experience was that of perspective. On days when she’s feeling down, she looks to her mum for a reality check.

“When I feel tired or I can’t be bothered, or I find myself complaining about something stupid and insignificant, I remember her in the hospital, those moments when she was fighting so hard to live,” she said.

“I think to myself, you selfish little girl — deal with your emotions right now and get on with it. The life I live is really great and each day is a blessing.” (Post continues after gallery.)

Her mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in February 2014 before passing away just four months later. During that time, Jade put her career on hold to be with her family.

“Every day now is a gift. Basically that day we didn’t know how long we would have her for. At the moment it is a day-to-day thing and I have to be grateful every day and tell my mum I love her and ask for everyone to keep giving that positivity,” she told at the time.

What lessons did grief teach you?