Samantha Armytage speaks about the "granny panties" incident for the first time.

As the co-host of one of Australia’s most popular morning TV shows, Samantha Armytage is a household name around the country.

Naturally, that level of fame inevitably comes with disadvantages — and being constantly followed by paparazzi would have to be right up there.

Yet late last year, that interest in the Sunrise host’s personal life went a step too far. And now she’s addressed it for the first time.

Armytage was photographed running errands one weekend, and the photos were published on Daily Mail Australia with a now-infamous headline about her “granny panties”.

Sam Armytage
Sam Armytage (Getty).

You see, the line of Armytage's underwear was just visible through her dress, a fact that apparently warrants media coverage (despite the fact there are probably thousands of Aussie women wearing full briefs as you read this).

Amid widespread outrage about the intrusive images and article, the 40-year-old refused to comment, telling Buzzfeed Australia the matter was "with the lawyers".

Now, little over a month later, Armytage has broken her silence in an interview with News Corp's Stellar magazine.

Listen: Mia Freedman interviews Sam Armytage on her No Filter podcast. (Post continues after audio.)

“All I will say, and I haven’t said anything to date, is I actually feel really sorry for the guy that wrote that,” she told journalist Jordan Baker.

“I cannot imagine having such a soul-destroying job that would require you to breathlessly describe a strange woman’s underwear as your occupation. I think, ‘Poor bastard’. Imagine doing that job.”


While you might expect Armytage and other media personalities of her ilk would become accustomed to having photographers show up out of nowhere, she admits it's still an unnerving experience. (Post continues after gallery.)


“I still get quite a fright when I see a photographer, which is ridiculous after four years, but it still gives me a bit of a shock,” she explained to Stellar.

"What gets me the most is they are not looking for nice pictures, where you have make-up on and are dressed up. They are looking for mean pictures. Where you are bending over and there’s a fat roll, or you are getting in the car. It’s unnecessary and it’s mean.

"I think they should give me a cut of the proceeds; they are making so much cash out of me with these stupid photos.”

On a much, much happier note, Armytage has recently welcomed a very cute companion into her life: Banjo the labrador.

If you need something to brighten up your Sunday night, we recommend checking out Armnytage's recent Instagram snaps - there are plenty of adorable puppy photos, and not a creepy pap shot in sight.

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