Samantha Armytage has some things to say about dating, marriage and having kids.



Sunrise host Samantha Armytage is more famously single than George Clooney (damn… that doesn’t work anymore, does it?).

She’s releasing a book called Shine, full of all kinds of Sam-dating-boys-but-not-liking-them-enough stories.


In an interview with Sunday Life magazine, our favourite TV presenter spoke about all the stuff we wanted her to speak about.

“I have always dated the dangerous guys – maybe it’s an immaturity thing – but I don’t need that now.”

Amen, Sam. You don’t need those bad boys. You have the Cash Cow.

“The types of blokes who ask me out are the overly confident types, always good-looking and sometimes footballers – the badly behaved ones. I seem to attract the playboy types.”

She’s probably (definitely) referring to her ex-boyfriend, hotelier and ladies’ man Peter DeAngelis, with whom she split in 2012.

Courtesy of Samantha’s Twitter account.

“Marriage is something I would like to do. I want to have children, but the guy has to be someone who can hold his own. He needs to be kind. I have dated some very unkind men recently and I have stayed with these men because I thought I needed to be married. I don’t think like that any more.”


37-year-old Sam even spoke about her youth (which she has described before as “bloody awful”), and how she never felt confident flirting as a teenager. “I wasn’t one of the prettier girls and always thought guys wanted to kiss someone else… I was more into horses than being boy mad.”

New Idea printed an extract from Sam’s upcoming book, and made us even more excited to read it. She tells a story about discovering an engagement ring in a boyfriend’s pocket. Cue a massive freak-out.

“I found a box containing the most enormous diamond ring. It was so huge it would have given me back problems (GOOD JOKE, SAM). I instantly felt sick to my stomach. If this is how the thought of a marriage proposal makes you feel, it’s a deal-breaker!”

And our favourite bit: Some good ol’ fashioned dating advice from Grandma:

“My grandmother once told me to watch a man and how he handles three important things. His reaction to these will tell you everything you need to know about him: a rainy day, tangled Christmas lights, lost luggage.”

Go forth, good gentlemen. Sam’s a catch.


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