Samantha Armytage is all of us on our holiday break.

Image: Instagram (@samarmytage).

When your work days normally start at 4am, holidays are golden, so we’re not surprised that after a big year Sunrise host Samantha Armytage is making the most of her time off.

Currently travelling around the US, it’s become apparent that Armytage is, in fact, all of us on holidays. The endless quest for Instagrammable selfies. The compulsion to put your arms up and jump in every scenic photo. The inevitable wrong turn on a road trip. The days spent at Napa Valley wineries…

1. The wine-fuelled excitement

“Jumping for joy in my spiritual home,” she captioned one photo from her trip. No, she wasn’t at a place of religion significance, a scenic landscape or even Barney’s – but a winery.

Oh Sam, we feel you.

Image: Instagram (@samarmytage)

2. The "I must jump" photo

Image: Instagram (@samarmytage)

Because can people really tell if you're having fun if you're not literally jumping for joy?

"And again... (I can't stop jumping, I'm SO excited...) Wake up grapes!!! I know it's winter, but Mumma needs a glass of wine!!" she wrote.

3. The winner photo ruined by a bad photographer.

You find the perfect prop (in Armytage's case a GIANT bottle of wine), perfect the nonchalant pose... and some photographer ruins it with shaky hands.

Image: Instagram (@samarmytage)

4. The 'eyes shut' photo.

Because sometimes you don't need anyone else to ruin it for you.

Image: Instagram (@samarmytage)

"Can you believe I paid $5 (US!!) for this Frozen photo (for my niece & nephew) in which;  a) I have my eyes closed..and b) Kristoff looks like @michaeljpell [Sunrise executive producer]," she wrote. (Post continues after gallery.)

5. Finding your home

Bonus points for finding a sign with your name on it (that one's going straight on the fridge).

Image: Instagram (@samarmytage)

6. The "risk anything for a good view" photo

When there's a view to be photographed, you do anything to capture it as Armytage did at the Big Sur.

"Rugged Route 1; with your 85 miles of winding, wild, windy roads. Your Elephant seal colonies. Your raging, grey Pacific Ocean. Nil phone reception. Chinese tourists. Mammoth redwoods, Australian eucalypts (?!) Many, many Mustangs," Armytage wrote.


"Lack of decent car pull-over spots on the north-bound side. Never-ending vistas until - you realise you've missed all the best ones - and have to do a u'y on the wrong side of the road across a 2-lane freeway to double back to take the money shots. But mostly for your misty, cliffside beauty. You are fabulous."

Image: Instagram (@samarmytage)

(Watch Sam's Sunrise co-host Kochie discussing women in the media. Post continues after video.)

7. The scenic selfie struggle

"Missing a Santa, Cali & one eye... in order to fit the palms in," she wrote.

Image: Instagram (@samarmytage)

8. The foodie shot

Arguably the best part of any trip is getting to taste the local delicacies - but Armytage may have got a bit more than she bargained for after she was the last one to arrive at the hotel.Cue: the dregs of leftovers.

"Dead-set; This is my dinner tonight. Buffalo wings and a plastic schooner of Californian red.... #stylish #not #tiredTraveller#canttakeTheCountryOutOfTheGirl," she wrote.

Image: Instagram (@samarmytage)

While it's certainly making our current view of our desks seem even more unwanted, we'll be living vicariously through you, Sam.

What holiday cliches are you guilty of?