Two breakfast TV hosts changed their hair this week...

Today we’re being very diplomatic and calling Hair of the Day a tie.

Two of our favourite (rival) breakfast TV hosts, Studio 1o‘s Jessica Rowe and Sunrise‘s Samantha Armytage, have changed it up this week in a big way. And we think they both look great. Okay, ladies? You both do. It’s not a competition.

While they battle it out in the arena of TV time slots, when it comes to hair, they are competing in different divisions – cut and colour.

A couple of months ago we brought you the news that Jessica Rowe had dyed her hair pink, and now it seems only fitting we bring you an update.

Ready? Dun, dun, dun…  now she’s gone back to blonde. Okay, so on the surface it doesn’t sound that exciting but it is really, REALLY blonde.

One of your favourite Wonderland stars is now rocking a blonde bob.

For Samantha Armytage, it's a case of another one bites the bob.

Channel Seven's Sunrise cohost is the latest to succumb to the ubiquitous hair trend. She alerted us to her chop on Wednesday, sharing this image via Instagram:

Naturally we were quite excited and keen to see exactly how much hair Sam had ditched, while eating cereal and picking sleep out of our eyes on Thursday morning.

But apparently Sam was excited too, later 'gramming a spoiler alert and giving us a taste of her Bingle-esque bob before its live-air debut.

Friends and fans on Twitter and Instagram are loving Sam's chop, and so are we.

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